My Digital Autobiography

Over the course of time, my technological literacy has been relatively good, which I can mainly attribute to my influence from parents, friends, writing, as well as various forms of technology I’ve had since I was little. This post summarizes my experiences with technology, and outlines the strengths these have attributed to my current technological knowledge.

From Humble Beginnings

This began largely with elementary school, and my real first exposure to the computer, which came about through learning math games and art activities

One of the first computers my family had, that I remember, was a Windows 95 desktop.

in our computer lab. It is apparent now that our school was seeking to prepare us for the digital age, and in many ways, it made a helpful difference in my technological literacy. At home, a similar story can be told regarding technology. My family, as far as I can remember, always had a personal computer desktop, which I had used at a young age to get familiar with internet browsing, and it was from this exposure at a young age that I became familiar with surfing the internet. In middle school, exposure to technology had continued with the increased influence of cell phones, which I first received in the seventh grade. There was, also, the massive popularity of apple products such as the iPhone and iPod touch. I had gotten the iPod touch in 2007, and it was from that I became familiar with how touchscreen products from Apple work. In many ways, this early exposure to such products has become useful still in learning how to work iPhones, which I have always kept as a phone since 2011. Social media usage had begun in my high school years, and had continuously increased in college.


The Influence of People

People who had the biggest influence over how I felt about techology had to be my parents and friends, for separate reasons. My friends, for the most part, were always showing me new pieces of technology, whether it be a new computer or iphone, while my parents had an influence because they were in charge of what we could and could not have. Looking back, it was largely because of friends that I had asked my parents for many gadgets, including the iPod Touch and iPhone.  In many ways, it was because of this that they had the bigger influence on technology.

A Connection with Writing

My interest in writing has also had a significant influence on my technological interest. I can attribute that interest more to my early elementary school teachers, who would often assign interesting prompts that involved creating our own stories, or writing about positive experiences; I can now say it was due to this early, positive association with writing that I have come to enjoy it as I had gotten older, and have invested greatly in finding new technological ways to write, which is especially useful

Online newspapers are a great example of how technology and writing can connect, and in many ways, it forced me to embrace technology as a new mode of writing and communication.

in college. Online writing platforms, such as newspapers, impacted me greatly, and in many ways forced me to embrace digital writing as a new upcoming form of digital media.


 and how they can connect…

I believe technology and writing have the potential to be heavily connected, and we can see much of the evidence for that today, primarily in the various forms of media communication, whether it be through online newspapers and other news sites, to social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. In short, I believe they are closely connected, and that trend will only continue as the innovation of technology increases.

Where I Stand Today

Because of my technological influence, I consider myself to become fairly adaptive to various formats, and I believe I have done so through my constant reading of online articles in catching up with the news, a habit I picked up as a political science major. From this, I have allowed to explore various publications and news pieces in a variety of formats that have become a standard practice in the digital age, which includes video articles, social media news sites, as well as digital publications of standard news articles, now found in a more digital-friendly format versus the standard printing that has for so long become one of the only modes for communication. In my view, all of this was only possible with the influence of technology, parents, friends, and my interest in writing.  


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