What I’ve Learned: The Strengths and Weaknesses of Digital Writing

Over the period of this course, I have learned to grasp the various concepts and strategies that make up writing in the digital age. The task is certainly not easy; it requires a visual sense of what can work, and what cannot, both in terms of rhetoric, and perhaps most importantly, design. There have been several key points made throughout our readings that focus on this, and I feel as though, while my digital writing skills may not always be perfect, they have provided me a tremendous amount of help in shaping my digital literacy.

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An Exercise in Jump-To Text

I’ve taken a look at these 3 campaigns in order to determine what their message is about, and, most importantly, how they get it across to the public.

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My Digital Autobiography

Over the course of time, my technological literacy has been relatively good, which I can mainly attribute to my influence from parents, friends, writing, as well as various forms of technology I’ve had since I was little. This post summarizes my experiences with technology, and outlines the strengths these have attributed to my current technological knowledge.

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