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For this project, our group was given the task of creating a multimodal ‘change’ campaign that seeks to implement a project within our local community that seeks to, in someway, encourage political or social change for the betterment of society. For our project, we felt as though there should be a greater resource given to the DePaul community that encourages activism on campus, of any kind. Activism, in this sense, is one of the greatest ways to encourage and create social change, and if there was a way to encourage involvement among DePaul students, then we were determined to create it.

About Our Project

The title of our organization is the DePaul Education Activism Collective, or EAC. The purpose of our organization is to educate DePaul students on what activism truly is, understanding the concepts of allyship and discrimination, as well as connecting students to organizations and events that encourage activism; such examples of this include marches or rallies for certain causes.

For this project, our team would then have to create a central website, some social media accounts, information pieces, distribution cards, in addition to a campaign video that educates others on what our cause is about. For my personal role, I was responsible for creating the Twitter page, including tweets and hashtags. Additionally, I contributed to the Latinx immigration rights piece, in addition to the distribution card focusing additionally on Latinx immigration. I also created the basic design structure for our website, which was later modified into a final version.

Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 11.13.00 AM
The main page of our website, outlining what our organization is about.

What I Contributed

In my personal effort, I see the strengths of my contributions as being a focus on detail. This can be felt most on the Twitter page, where I tried to diversify the types of tweets our campaign was sending out to a potential audience. Clarity was certainly important, but so was content, and when looking at the page, whether it be through links to the website, or generating hashtags, diversifying content, notably, became an important asset in social media.

Our Strengths as a Campaign

One of the greatest strengths I see coming out of our group are the visual efforts made toward our required pieces, such as the website, video, and social media accounts. I personally believe this is rather important, as appearances deeply matter in the new digital era, and people are not going to engage with a change campaign when they see the website, or any other media tools, as being out of date, or just not looking great. This was kept in mind throughout the project, and I believe we succeeded in this regard. Additionally, I think we did a great job of getting our message out to people and thoroughly explaining what our cause advocates for. Perhaps there was less clarity in the beginning of this campaign, but in the end, our message was sharpened, and the results have been rather positive from these efforts.